Two albums, 15 years apart. 

New Day and Kill Us All.


Kill Us All (2020)

It’s been a long time between drinks. OK, more specifically, it’s been a long time between albums. There has never been a shortage of drinks… Anyway, welcome to Kill Us All, the new album for Dead Marines -singer/songwriter Bernie Hayes, Front End Loader’s Bow Campbell and Brendan Gallagher of Karma County. Distilling the past 15 years of experience into 15 freshly-recorded songs both old and new, Kill Us All sees the band return with a refinement in song-writing and an expansion of instrumentation thanks to some of Sydney’s finest musical luminaries. Recorded over the annus horribilis that has been 2020, primarily in Bernie’s Marrickville kitchen, the album is weary and wise, personal and political, and a perfect reflection of three musical lives, well-lived, in these particularly interesting times.


New Day (2005)

The debut album for Dead Marines, featuring three of Australia’s finest contemporary artists - singer/songwriter Bernie Hayes, Front End Loader’s Bow Campbell and Brendan Gallagher of Karma County. The long-time friends came together in mid 2003 to record a swag of new songs - tales of loss, love and the dear school of experience refracted through the prism of a wine bottle or three. Songs like Everybody Wants To Hurt Somebody Sometime, I Couldn’t Be Less Cool and Six Pack Love Letter. New Day was released through Vitamin Distribution in February 2005, followed by an extensive east coast Australian tour. Dead Marines have continued to write and perform ever since, but New Day represents the original intent and delivery of the collective – three guitars, three voices, and the love of a good song.

Dead Marines New Day
Dead Marines New Day
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